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When opening your package make sure that all the contents are present. You should see a rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery, a Neck/Shoulder strap to attach to your Binocular or Monocular, plus the USB to USB type C Cable.


We recommend charging the battery for at least 10 hours before use. You can use your computer or a compatible wall charger (not included), to charge the battery initially.

Step 1

Take the USB to USB type C cable and insert it into the provided opening at the end of the Neck/Shoulder strap as shown in the image.


Pull the cable all the way through until it reaches the center of the Neck/Shoulder strap battery holder compartment.


Step 2

Attach the Neck/Shoulder strap to your ATN Binocular or Monocular by taking one end of the strap and looping it through the provided slot on the body of the device. As illustrated.


Loop the strap and insert it into the plastic fastener.


Pull the strap through the plastic fastener and make sure it goes all the way through the other side of the fastener.


Adjust the strap so it is tight and does not slip off, when you wear the binocular or monocular on your neck or shoulder.


Step 3

Insert the USB cable into the rechargeable battery.


Press the power button on the “BATTERY” before placing the battery in the Neck/Shoulder strap battery compartment.


Once the battery has been activated, place it in the provided battery compartment in the center of the Neck/Shoulder strap and close the zipper.



Step 4

Lift the rubber media port to expose the media slots.


Insert the USB type C plug in to the USB type C media port.


Step 5

You are now ready to turn “ON” your device using the external battery pack as a power source. Press the “POWER” button on your device to boot up the system.